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Report Manager Version 6.1.6200 Released

See release notes for full details but the major feature added was Qlik Sense Support which includes OnDemand as well as normal Report Manager abilities.

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Report Manager Version 6.1.6160 Released

Many new features since last blog post.  See Release notes for details.

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Report Manager Version 6.1.5990 Released

  • Added feature to allow the saving of QlikView state (field selections, variable settings etc).  Modified the task scheduler to allow a scheduled task to be executed with a previously saved QlikView State.  New Macro code method SaveCurrentSelections has been added to support that feature.
  • Bug fixes as always.
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Report Manager Version 6.1.5984 Released


  • Added support within a QVExport task to have export specific selections.  In the past you could only have a global set of selections for the entire QVExport task.  Now we have added the ability to change the selections for each Export Object being exported within the QVExport Task.  So if you have setup multiple QVExport tasks simply to export different objects with different selections you can combine them into one QVExport task which will result in substantial performance gains.

  • Added the ability to have write access to a QlikView QVW.  A limitation existed that if you had ondemand reports that were being executed by end users throughout the day it was difficult to find a time window during the day to reload the QVW if so desired.  This is because the ondemand reports would have read locked on the QVW when executing.  When the QVW reload would run it would often fail when it went to save the QVW file to the file system because one or more ondemand reports had the QVW open which held a read lock on the file.  There was an existing workaround which was to tell RM to use QVP to access the QVW.  This continues to work but it not always desirable to have RM use QVP since increases the workload of QlikView Server.

    In this version we have added QVW Resource locking which is disabled by default.  You can enable it from the RM Console application’s QlikView tab.  When enabled RM manages the access to the QVW and if RM is asked to do a reload it will wait until all existing usage of the QVW is completed, it will not allow new requests to execute (they are queued) and will write lock the QVW and completed the QVW reload.  After the reload is completed RM will automatically release the write lock which will allow queued reports to continue.

    We have also added the ability to control the QVW resource locking via web service calls which will allow you to reload the QVW externally to RM and achieve the same results above.

  • Changed task enable and disable icon to be clickable and the image to be different for enable vs disable. Before color was the only difference which was in issue for color blind users.


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Report Manager Version 6.1.5960 Released

  • Fixed issue with exporting QlikView Sheet Images being cropped or cut off.
  • Fixed issue with template task when templates were in sub directories in Share.
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