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Report Manager Version 6.1.5870 Released

Small Features and Bug fixes


  • Added RMSecurityTableGenerator utility to make it easier to integrate with QlikView Section Access Row Level Security.

  • Changed Template Tasks to now accept collection or array variables without needing an iterator.  They will get the first member of the array or collection.

  • Added to Template tasks tag properties CollectionIndex which allows the user to pick a member of a collection to use.

  • Added to Template tasks for both QlikView and Tableau the ability to read dynamic tags in the office template and automatically retrieve the desired Tableau or QV objects without needing to add them to a Tableau or QV Export task.

  • Added checkbox in Template Tasks to cause slides or sheets where all of the tags are not rendered because the variable is missing to delete the slide or sheet.

  • Notable Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue with ActiveDirectory lookups when no domainname provided to now check domain first then local groups.

    • Changed the way QV ONDemand gathers up the users current selections to handle unusual edge case.


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Certification of QlikView 12 IR

Report Manager now supports QlikView 12 IR (Initial Release)

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Report Manager Version 6.1.5842 Released


  • Added auto archive of all emails.  There is now a checkbox in the RM Console application on the email tab.  "Auto Archive Report Distribution Emails".  When checked all emails will be archived in the CIAReports\EmailHistory folder.  There is also a Remove and Export button to remove the existing archived emails as well as export the contents as xml.  Attachments are also archived with the emails.

Bug fixes:

  • Scheduler items were not showing up in the UI in some cases.  The bug has been fixed in this version.  There is also a workaround which resolves the issue.  Simply in RM add the Administrators security group to each folder where the Schedule items do not display.
  • Fixed issue with Excel OpenXML borders not displaying when adjacent to a newly created merge cell.
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Certification of QlikView 11.2 SR13

We have certified QlikView 11.2 SR13.

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New Customer Portal Released

We have released this customer portal which provides tutorials, forum, blog, software downloads, and issue tracking.

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